in between: south africa & southern alabama

Artist Statement

A shared cultural landscape
exists between
southern Alabama, my home, and
South Africa, my heritage

A continual rhythm between
the past and the future,
birth and death,
innocence and innocence lost,
the young and the old, and
city and country livin’

A collective memory
embedded in the souls of black folks,
of gestures, glances, posture and gaits,
that continues to span
the passage of time and
the divide of place

Life is lived

Laughing, Loving, Eating,
Walking, Praying, Waiting,
Wondering, Wandering, and Persevering

I photograph
these “transitory” states of being
to elude to the inevitable, resulting cycle
of presence and absence,
which evokes certain loss,
but also, more implicitly,

Life passes


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